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Conversation Between Alfa91 and Mora_TS
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  1. Alfa91
    24-05-2011 06:01 PM
    This I Just read on net

    "According to unofficial sources, there are young athletes a better tomorrow and make it the doctors at the Split Clinical Hospital Centre should wake up from an induced coma.

    This news has spread to a few hours after they Facebookom difficult deceased Gabric visited friends in KBC. Good news fame is well-known Split enigmatičar Robert Pauletić.

    - They were my friends near and dear. From staff KBC heard that he began to awaken from a coma while his broken nose last night namještali. According to doctors, to testify about Draginoj incredible strength and vitality. Friends were on his bed, a doctor told them that they probably hear it now, so they laugh and he reportedly smiled. And there are better than expected, although it seems that there could be serious consequences for the time being, appears to exclude a fatal outcome. Tomorrow would have it, says the doctor, you should slowly begin to awaken from a coma all the way "
  2. Alfa91
    24-05-2011 05:57 PM
    Latest information from Split say that the situation Drago Gabric - unchanged. In severe car accident that occurred on Monday afternoon, he suffered a severe head injury - fractured skull and brain contusion, and killed him, and facial bones and left eye and the eyeball. Published in the intensive care Unit in Split University Hospital.

    "His condition is unchanged from when it was admitted to the hospital. I still in comatose condition, is connected to a respirator. His health has not deteriorated compared to the moment when he was admitted to the hospital. Among other CT imaging, after which we will have some more detailed information, "said Dr. Jadranka Buklijaš, a specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care unit in hospital in Firule
  3. Mora_TS
    24-05-2011 01:16 AM
    is gabriç OK? do you have any news from him?

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