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Conversation Between BenficaSplit and 19Bresćanin50
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  1. 19Bresćanin50
    30-05-2011 09:14 PM
    Hello,I am searching for the tickets,matchday programm and other things from 1994-95 UEFA Champions League matches Hajduk-Benfica.If you do have it or know somebody who may have,please,let me now.
    And one more thing.
    I have read your opinion about Benfica "bought 20 Brasilians and so,but didn't buy Falcao".Well,I have some opinion too.Today we are smart to say it was wrong decision.But let's back in..what year it was..2009?You can buy many many potencially talented players who can grow in some big masters and by selling them you take some money,or you can buy just one Falcao and you are not sure that he become a world star player.He could get injury,or team's tacktik will not work with him pretty well..Many reasons..So I am not saying this opinion is right,I just think that it had some logic to go this way.
    Best wishes!

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